Climate Service at St Paul's


Climate change is a subject that affects all of us and at St Paul’s Church in Chacewater we wanted to hold a special service, bringing different people from our community to talk about what they are doing to help combat the climate crisis.

We held a special CLIMATE Service on Sunday 20th June 2021 and we were delighted that Bishop Hugh (of St Germans) led the non-communion service, about a very serious subject, in such an engaging way!

Due to Covid restrictions, congregations cannot sing at present.  However, 6 of the St Paul’s singers (the permitted number) sang topical hymns for the people to hear.

The church displayed art work from the children of our local school with eye-catching “Save our Planet” posters using sweet wrappers and crisp packets which, sadly, we often see discarded in our streets. 

St Paul’s Church created a “Save Our Seas “ display, showing what should be in the seas and what should not; such as plastics!  face masks, washing up bottles and much more!  We also showed examples (which we hope to see on our trail camera) of wildlife that live in or visit our church yard.

Our well-attended service included invited speakers; John Carley, of the Parish Council and Chacewater Energy Group, talked in detail about the challenges ahead, but also gave some positive and hopeful examples of the work being done - including the future installation of an electric vehicle charger in our village car park.  He reminded us of the Electric Vehicle show due to be held in Chacewater on Saturday 24th July.

Heather Walker of Royal Cornwall Hospital (RCHT) spoke about what our hospital is doing - including the very successful programme to re-cycle disposable face masks and eventually having them turned into useful objects such as litter pickers!   Both John and Heather supplied articles and posters which were displayed.

Everything displayed will either be kept, re-used or recycled.

 School children from Richard Lander School and Chacewater Primary read thought-provoking and powerful poems about the impact of climate change and the negative effects on all life on earth.  We were reminded that we are all stewards of our planet, that we are the first generation to realize the damage being caused by climate change and we are the last who can do something about it.  The children were themselves a powerful reminder of how we must do all we can to protect our planet for future generations.

Thank you to all our speakers for their time and for sharing their innovative ideas.

St Paul’s church, Chacewater

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